Google Like A Pro

Google Like a Pro

April 25, 2016

So, the internet and Google search was created to make life simpler, right? How come it doesn't always feel that way!? Well, that's because there is now an OVERLOAD of information on the web, and Google gives you entirely TOO much information in your results. Below we will list our "cheat sheet" of how to make your Google search most effective. There are keys you can use to omit certain keywords or phrases from your search results, to include specific or related sites, and to search for the exact wording of what you're searching for. Study up and happy hunting!

Quotation Marks - Search for the specific phrase: "National Jelly Bean Day" <Without the quotes, the results are about 665,000. With the quotes, the results dwindle down to 56,600. What a difference!

Hyphen (-) - When you'd like to omit a word or set of words: "Mountain Ranges" -America -Africa <Google will search for Mountain Ranges and leave out search results for ranges in North America, South America, and Africa. Results go from 5,610,000 to 937,000.

Get ready for this next one:

Plus Sign (+) - When you'd like to include a specific word with your topic: Christmas Desserts vs. Christmas +Desserts <The results go from 27,100,000 to 5,140!

Site:query - use site: when wanting to use only a certain website for your search results. Example: Bombings - Results: 15,600; Bombings - Results: 656,000; Bombings foxnews - Results: 1,670,000.

Forgot a word the term you're looking for? Use * * (there's a space between them), Google will help fill in the blank. This helps a lot with lyrics to songs especially!

Some more helpful hints can be found in the link below:

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